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Isaac Anderson Earns Esteemed Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License (CSL)

Isaac Anderson Earns Esteemed Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License (CSL)

Cooperstown Environmental LLC Senior Project Manager Isaac Anderson, leader of the firm’s vapor intrusion practice, recently was awarded an unrestricted Construction Supervisor License (CSL) from the State of Massachusetts. This highly-regarded license is considered very difficult to obtain and demonstrates a high degree of proficiency across a range of construction topics.

Mr. Anderson passed a test assessing his familiarity with building codes, technologies and practices. His expertise has been developed through a lifetime of “hands-on” experience with construction, carpentry, timber management, electrical, plumbing, and site work across a variety of industries.

His firsthand experience and detailed understanding of building construction is an invaluable asset in the realm of vapor intrusion, particularly as the understanding of vapor intrusion mechanisms increasingly focus on construction-related issues. He is routinely retained by consulting firms, architects, engineers, developers, municipalities, and regulatory agencies to support vapor intrusion mitigation projects throughout the US. Mr. Anderson has employed vapor barriers, spray-liners, concrete densifiers, vapor recovery piping and matting networks, extraction sumps, and active and passive sub-slab depressurization (SSD) systems, to abate vapor intrusion in commercial/industrial, residential, mid-rise housing and mixed-use buildings.

Mr. Anderson has designed and successfully implemented remedial treatment systems for oil and hazardous materials with a focus on recalcitrant volatile organic compounds, and he holds a patent for a Wastewater Treatment Process/Apparatus (#US9272924). His remedial designs have included soil vapor extraction, in-situ chemical oxidation, bioremediation and bioaugmentation, and groundwater pump-and-treat systems using oil-water separation, fractionation, filtration, oxidation, ion exchange and dual-phase extraction (air-stripping). A specialty is treatment system automation and optimization. He has worked with several companies, bridging multiple industries, to develop remote monitoring (telemetry) devices to further the state of environmental practice. Mr. Anderson also is a licensed Grade II Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator in Massachusetts.

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