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Building on the Building Boom in Boston

Building on the Building Boom in Boston

Maybe you’ve heard: Boston is in the midst of an unprecedented building boom. According to the Boston Globe, we are in the third “great age of development” of the city, and this one, focused on residential development, has no rival in terms of construction volume.

Not surprising, then, that real-estate site Trulia recently ranked Boston as the second hottest housing market of 2015.

If you’re wondering whether demand for new construction has affected the environmental field, just ask anyone at Cooperstown Environmental. In Watertown, Mass., we are now or have recently been selected as the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) for eight environmental engineering projects and are in the Brownfields Tax Credit application process for ten projects. In neighboring Waltham, those numbers are six and five, respectively. In Boston itself, we will be out in the field this week, managing soil transport and disposal for a multi-story residential development, around the corner from another we completed last year and for which we’ve submitted a Brownfields Tax Credit application.

Many of these projects are related to redevelopment and new construction in the residential, commercial, and mixed-use sectors. Many are also being built in formerly industrial areas, and therefore have required both areas of our expertise: remediation of contaminated soil and/or groundwater, and an application for Brownfields Tax Credits, which promote the remediation of contaminated property in the state and encourage redevelopment, by helping to reimburse for cleanup costs. We are experts in both services.

As for what the future holds for development in the greater Boston area? “I definitely think we will continue to see development,” says project manager, Eva Ward. “There is a severe housing demand in the metro Boston area, and I don’t see it diminishing anytime soon. We are getting many new projects like this – and would like to continue to do so!”

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