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Gulbicki Earns Treatment Plant Operator Certification from Massachusetts

Gulbicki Earns Treatment Plant Operator Certification from Massachusetts

Cooperstown Environmental LLC congratulates its employee, Eric Gulbicki, Environmental Technician, on obtaining his Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification recently from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This designation allows Mr. Gulbicki to conduct and supervise operations treatment plants designed and operated to improve water quality at remediation sites.

Gulbicki earned the certification by passing a rigorous examination and will be obligated to complete ongoing continuing education classes and courses to maintain his certification.

Mr. Gulbicki’s ongoing professional development benefits Cooperstown’s clients by adding to his repertoire of skills. Eric has been a valuable team member at Cooperstown Environmental since he originally joined Cooperstown as an intern in the summer of 2015. At Cooperstown, Eric has gained valuable experience with a variety of consulting work including conducting field sampling of various environmental media, overseeing the installation of soil borings and monitoring wells, and removing underground storage tanks. In the office, Eric compiles sampling data and writes field work summaries that are incorporated into reports that are prepared on behalf of clients for submittal to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Mr. Gulbicki won the Licensed Site Professional Association’s (LSPA’s) Scholarship for Environmental Education in 2016, while he was attending Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH.

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