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NPDES Remediation General Permit Course

NPDES Remediation General Permit Course

Isaac Anderson, a project manager at Cooperstown Environmental, recently presented case studies at a training course for Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs) entitled “Meeting the Requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Remediation General Permit”. This four-hour course was presented with the Remediation General Permit’s (RGP) Administrator, Shauna Little of U.S. EPA Region 1, and Cathy Vakalopoulos of MassDEP’s Bureau of Water Resources. The course briefly covered the regulatory background of the NPDES program, and then went on to detail RGP requirements, including eligibility determinations, the permit application process, and the technical and administrative requirements for maintaining compliance with the permit following EPA’s written authorization to discharge.

This 200-seat training course, one of the largest ever hosted by the Licensed Site Professional Association, filled up quickly and a reoffering of the course is now under consideration for the Fall of 2017. If you have limited time and sites seeking coverage under the 2017 RGP, Cooperstown is here to assist with your NPDES permitting needs!

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