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Cooperstown Environmental’s 2018 Year in Review

Cooperstown Environmental’s 2018 Year in Review

What did 2018 hold for Cooperstown Environmental?

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker visited our offices,

the Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credit was extended in the year of its 20th Anniversary,

Cooperstown is again the top firm issued Brownfield Tax Credits,

we had a company growth spurt,

and we take a spotlight look at vapor intrusion solutions.

Governor Baker’s visit to the offices of Cooperstown Environmental LLC highlighted a year of progress and accomplishment for our Andover-based environmental consulting firm, which specializes in Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services, Brownfields Tax Credits, and Vapor Intrusion Solutions.

Governor Baker Meets with Cooperstown Staff

In August the firm hosted Governor Baker, accompanied by Massachusetts State Representatives Jim Lyons of Andover and Marc Lombardo of Tewksbury as well as US Congressional candidate Rick Green of Pepperell, to discuss issues of importance to the environmental community in Massachusetts, including the vital importance of the state’s tax credit program for redeveloping blighted “Brownfield” properties; regulatory reform especially of the NPDES regulations addressing stormwater; contaminated soil management; and many other topics. The Governor went on to win re-election in a landslide in November. Photos and read more ….

Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credits – Lots of News

Cooperstown Environmental is known as the acknowledged authority on the Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credit program and our clients rely on our expertise in all facets of the program. 2018 was filled with many advances and important updates including:

Brownfields Tax Credit Extended Five More Years

On May 31, 2018, the Housing Bond Bill (H.4536) was signed into law by Governor Baker. The bond bill included language that extended the Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credit for five additional years, through 2023; prior to this legislation, the credit would have expired at the end of 2018. Read more ….

Brownfields Tax Credit Reaches 20-Year Anniversary

August 2018 marked twenty years since the Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credit was created as part of the “Brownfields Act.” The tax credit has been demonstrated to be a powerful economic incentive that drives cleanups of contaminated sites with the goal of returning them to productive uses. These twin benefits of environmental protection and economic development work to benefit all Massachusetts citizens. Read more ….

Cooperstown Environmental LLC Again Top Brownfields Tax Credits Firm

For an incredible 7th consecutive year, Cooperstown Environmental LLC is the top consulting firm in Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credit awards, according to official statistics released by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR). Once again, the state’s Tax Credit Transparency Report, shows that more than half of the approved applications were completed by the firm, as has been true every year since the state began releasing these statistics. Read more ….

 Colleges Prevail in Lawsuit vs. DOR Over Denial of Brownfield Credits

A long-running lawsuit filed in 2014 finally ended with three Massachusetts colleges – Boston University, Wellesley College, and Northeastern University – receiving millions of dollars of state Brownfields Tax Credits. Cooperstown represented one of the plaintiffs and has followed the case closely since the credit applications were filed in 2012, issuing updates throughout the long process from Superior Court ultimately to the SJC.  Read more ….

Cooperstown Adds 4th LSP, And Others in Growth Spurt

Cooperstown’s traditional business line, in addition to Brownfields Tax Credit services and Vapor Intrusion Solutions, is providing environmental site assessment, remediation, and engineering related to contamination. In Massachusetts, such cleanups are overseen by a Licensed Site Professional (LSP), an expert licensed and regulated by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Cooperstown welcomed Lauren Konetzny, LSP to its staff late in 2018. Ms. Konetzny is one of four LSPs on staff at Cooperstown, along with President James T. Curtis, PE, LSP; Jeanne Westervelt, PG, LSP and Director of Technical Services; and James S. Young, PG, LSP. In addition to Konetzny, Cooperstown also hired other staff in 2018 as described in this press release.

Vapor Intrusion Solutions – Employee Spotlight

“Vapor Intrusion” has become one of the most prominent issues in the environmental field today and refers to the infiltration of contaminant vapors into an occupied building which can pose health hazard to building occupants (residents and/or employees). Isaac Anderson, Senior Project Manager at Cooperstown, is a recognized expert in this emerging issue and leads Cooperstown’s vapor intrusion (VI) practice.

Our work in 2018 extended across all aspects of VI in multiple New England states and included procedures for measuring VI, designing solutions to prevent exposure in new and previously existing buildings, constructing sub slab depressurization systems, telemetry installation and ongoing operation & maintenance. Under Isaac’s leadership, Cooperstown has become a leading practitioner of VI Solutions and he has written and presented in many forums regarding the topic. Presentations related to various VI solutions are already in the works for 2019. Be on the lookout for new and exciting things in this area of the practice.

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