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Andover Village Improvement Society (AVIS) Sponsorship

Cooperstown Environmental LLC announced that it has donated $2,500 to the Andover Village Improvement Society (AVIS) Land Stewardship Endowment Fund in honor of the 125th Anniversary Celebration of AVIS. Founded in 1894, AVIS is the second oldest land preservation organization in the country, dedicated to acquiring land and preserving it in its natural state. Over the years, AVIS has secured over 1,100 acres with 30 miles of trails open to the public, maintained by countless volunteers, including wardens for each of over 25 reservations.

Cooperstown Environmental has been a long-time supporter of the organization and is proud to support the work of AVIS as they endeavor to provide long-term care and stewardship of valuable open space. Cooperstown is an environmental engineering consulting firm based in Andover, Massachusetts and supports a myriad of environmental organizations who are working to improve the environment. Other organizations that Cooperstown has supported include the Center for Northern Woodlands Education, the Trustees of Reservations, the Mystic River Watershed Association, the Otsego Land Trust, and others.

Photo: (Pictured L to R) Lisa Scott (Cooperstown Environmental employee and AVIS Board Member), John Hess (AVIS President), Susan Curtis (Managing Principal, Cooperstown Environmental) and Jim Curtis (President, Cooperstown Environmental) enjoy the AVIS Annual Meeting, held April 10 at the Andover Country Club.

Cooperstown Environmental LLC is an environmental engineering consulting firm based in Andover, Massachusetts that provides high-quality, practical, and cost-effective engineering and environmental consulting services to businesses, property owners, institutions, government agencies, and the legal community. We also are the authority on the Brownfields Tax Credit program. The program began in 1998 as part of an effort to encourage and provide an incentive for the cleanup of contaminated sites, sometimes known as Brownfield sites, by allowing environmental costs to be recovered.

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