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Ethan Smith

Environmental Scientist

Ethan joined Cooperstown in the Fall of 2020 as a field work intern. During this time, he assisted with groundwater sampling and office operations. Upon graduation from the University of Maine in December of 2020, he became an as-needed employee assisting with depressurization systems, sampling surveying, and other field operations. In April 2021, Ethan joined Cooperstown full-time as an Environmental Scientist.

In this role, Ethan is involved in many different tasks in the field including field sampling, surveying, performing inspections, drilling, soil boring and well installation, system testing and monitoring, and much more. In addition to field work, some of his administrative duties include tabulating and analyzing data, preparing information for Brownfields Tax Credit applications, assisting with Phase 1 reports, and inspection report writing. His experience to date has primarily been with the installation of sub slab depressurization systems and soil vapor intrusion and extraction projects. 

Ethan enjoys much of his free time with friends and family watching, playing, and attending sports, going out for dinner and a show, and trying new places. He also enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, and camping.