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Kerry Tull, PG, LSP

PG, LSP, Chief Operating Officer

Kerry has over 30 years of experience providing environmental consulting for commercial, industrial, municipal, state, and federal sectors. He provides client-oriented planning, cost-sensitive investigation, and technically proven remediation. Kerry has incorporated risk-based and cost-cap closure strategies for groundwater and soil clean-up programs for site specific, regional, and nationwide multi-site assessment packages. He provides clients with a broad base of technical, financial and program management for regulatory investigations, subsurface exploration, and design and implementation of remediation programs for petroleum, PCBS, VOCs, metals and PFAS.

Serving as a Licensed Site Professional (LSP), Kerry is a Co-Chair of the LSP Association Technical Practices Committee and former member of the Board of Directors. He has served on committees for rewriting portions of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) and has co-authored the new Question & Answer addendum for PFAS under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.

He is a Professional Geologist in New Hampshire and has been a public presenter as the point-person for six Public Involvement Plan (PIP) sites in Massachusetts and one in New York. At the UMass Soils Conference in 2017, Kerry presented the findings of a nation-wide PFAS investigation for over 70 Air Force and Air National Guard Bases highlighting findings in groundwater, sediment, surface water, and drainage systems. He has co-authored peer-reviewed papers on TCE investigation in fractured bedrock and a stormwater study for contribution of PFAS to a reservoir. 

Prior to joining Cooperstown, Kerry was a program manager for a multi-base Air National Guard PFAS assessment and has taught environmental and investigative sciences to the EPA. He has served as the consulting LSP for city and local boards such as the Quincy Department of Public Works and the Brookline Housing Authority.

Kerry lives in Maine where he skis with his family and rides mountain bikes year-round.