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5 Ways to Screw Up Your Brownfield Tax Credit Application

5 Ways to Screw Up Your Brownfield Tax Credit Application

How can one screw up an otherwise eligible Massachusetts Brownfield Tax Credit Application? It looks easy, but it’s not! The Massachusetts Brownfield Tax Credit is a well-established incentive program designed to provide financial relief to innocent parties who incur significant costs to clean up contaminated properties for commercial use. A significant amount of information is available about the program online, including the application forms, leading some to conclude that a successful application should be straightforward.

Unfortunately, there are actually many traps and dead-ends that can cause hopeful recipients to miss out on recovering eligible costs or, in some unfortunate cases, to lose their eligibility altogether on a project that otherwise should have been eligible.

Here are five all-too common ways to screw up your brownfield tax credit application:

How to screw up your brownfield tax credit application!1. Spend money on a cleanup before you officially own or lease the property

2. Entity that pays eligible costs that does not own or lease the property

3. Fail to pay your bills before submitting your application

4. Failed to keep copies of invoices & proof of payment to document the cleanup

5. Sell your property prior to reaching a Permanent Solution or Remedy Operation Status


Too many applicants have lost out on recovering significant costs because of one or more of these mistakes. Cooperstown Environmental LLC has submitted hundreds of applications to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR). We find that clients who get us involved early in their cleanup process are able to maximize the money they can recover and avoid these (and other) pitfalls. Don’t screw up your brownfield tax credit application! Contact us for help on your brownfield tax credit application today!

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“Ask Mr. Brownfield” is a regular column regarding the highly-acclaimed Massachusetts tax credit program for reimbursements of environmental expenses. Jim Curtis is an acknowledged expert with more than 15 years of industry-leading experience and knowledge; Cooperstown Environmental LLC of Andover has completed hundreds of successful applications for its clients.

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