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Inspiring Future Scientists & Environmental Professionals

Inspiring Future Scientists & Environmental Professionals

Cooperstown Environmental was pleased to have attended, for the sixth year in a row, the Mathematics & Science for Minority Students (MS2) career fair held this summer at Phillips Academy. Since 1977, MS2 has been bringing students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to Andover to spend their summers not only studying math and science, but also developing aspirations for their futures. This competitive and rigorous program is free of charge for all students selected.

The Cooperstown Environmental contingent included Project Engineer Eric Andrews and Environmental Technician Eric Gulbicki. Cooperstown spoke with students at the MS² event about the opportunities available to them in the field of Environmental Engineering and Science. Students were interested in what sort of classes they should take and what majors to pursue if they wanted to enter the environmental field. Several students had questions about environmental concerns they face in their own communities, such as global warming, drinking water well contamination, groundwater table depletion, and air quality. Cooperstown was pleased to see the student’s genuine interest in the environmental field and to have the opportunity to discuss how to use their education to make a difference in their home communities.

The Cooperstown duo discussed different types of job sites they’ve worked on and used several field instruments to illustrate how to perform tests in the field. Students were able to see how to use a photo ionization detector (PID) to test soil and soil gas, a Geotech peristaltic pump for sampling groundwater, and an In-Situ smarTROLL to test groundwater parameters. Cooperstown also brought personal protective equipment (PPE) including Tyvek suits, respirator masks, and hard hats, for students to try on. All of the equipment was generously donated by Palms Environmental of Wilmington, MA.

Cooperstown promoted the Licensed Site Professional Association (LSPA) Scholarship fund to those students who expressed interest in pursuing a degree in the environmental field. The LSPA Scholarship Fund that supports individuals pursuing undergraduate or graduate education in environmental fields in Massachusetts and other New England states. Cooperstown Environmental looks forward to continued collaboration with the LSP Association, and opportunities to promote the personal growth and learning of youth interested in the environment through the Phillips Academy MS² career fair.

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