Brownfields Tax Credits

What We Do – Our Brownfields Tax Credit Services

Our Brownfields Tax Credit-related services span the full spectrum. We handle all of the details, from start to finish.

  • Initial consultation & eligibility analysis. We will analyze your project details and assess your eligibility for the credit.
  • Application Preparation and Submittal. If our analysis determines that the criteria have been satisfied and you are eligible for approval, we’ll work on your behalf to collect the right information, produce the required backup documentation, and complete the application for submittal.
  • Assistance During Review. As part of its review process, the MassDOR often requires additional submittals – which we manage and oversee.
  • Monetization of credits. Many credit recipients turn their credits into cash. If you have received credits, we can purchase or broker them to provide capital.
  • Appeals. Applications that are recommended for denial may be appealed. Our firm has been retained multiple times for assistance throughout this process.
  • Pre-project consulting. Many developers have called upon our expertise prior to embarking on a redevelopment project to ensure that the activities are optimized for cost recovery.

Best of all, our services are performed at no risk to you. Our initial consultations are free and are usually done over the phone in a matter of minutes. If it appears that you might qualify for this program, we typically will continue the process on a contingency basis, with our compensation based on the size of the tax credit. No recovery – no fee! You pay for our services only if you receive a tax credit. It’s a true win-win!

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- John Cannon, Assistant Director of Physical Plant, The College of the Holy Cross