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SMART Solar Installation at 160 Stedman Street in Lowell

SMART Solar Installation at 160 Stedman Street in Lowell

Cooperstown Environmental LLC announced that it has completed a 95-kW rooftop solar photovoltaic installation at 160 Stedman Street in Lowell, Massachusetts. The project was installed under Massachusetts’ new SMART solar incentive program. Under this program, power produced by the panels is fed into the electrical grid and the utility pays for the power under a 20-year contract with the owner at a pre-determined rate. National Grid is the investor-owned utility (IOU) that services the Lowell area.

The panels are expected to produce more than 110,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year of clean, renewable energy. This is enough to power about 15 average Massachusetts homes. The system was placed into service on November 6, 2019. Equipment used for the installation includes a total of 247 Q.Cell Q.Peak L-G4.2 385-watt photovoltaic panels, three Solar Edge inverters, and a ballasted racking system furnished by Ecolibrium.

Cooperstown served as the project developer, retained the system installer, oversaw the installation, and worked with the local utility as well as building occupants to permit and install the system. The system installer was Second Generation Energy of Milford, MA and Milford SBS LLC is the system and building owner.

James T. Curtis, P.E., LSP, President of Cooperstown Environmental LLC stated, “This project is a ‘win-win’ for all parties involved. The system owner earns a fair return through the SMART Solar program. National Grid gets additional capacity and power and citizens of Massachusetts have a better environment with more non-polluting energy.  We are very pleased to have completed another successful project and look forward to more.”

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