Sub Slab Depressurization System (SSDS) Services

Cooperstown Environmental: Leaders in Emerging SSDS and Telemetry Technology

Environmental contamination of soil and groundwater is an unfortunate but common fact. Releases of oil and hazardous materials from spills, tank leaks, past industrial disposal practices, or accidents have resulted in conditions that potentially can affect the health of residents and workers. Whether you are near a gasoline station, a dry cleaner, a Brownfield site, or even a residential site, these releases can impact your indoor environment.

Vapor intrusion occurs when vapors from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil or groundwater enter a building through cracks, holes, or other penetrations in the foundation. Regulations often require the removal of the contaminant from the soil or groundwater, but even then, a system may be needed to ensure short-term or long-term protection of building occupants against breathing the vapors from the contamination.

Cooperstown Environmental LLC is an acknowledged leader in the design, implementation, and proper operation of sub slab depressurization systems, also known as an SSD system or SSDS, to protect against breathing contaminated vapors. These systems may commonly be referred to as “radon systems” and in fact, they operate in a similar manner. The primary differences are that an SSDS is generally more carefully engineered to result in a higher level of protection and that a SSD system protects against organic chemicals rather than radon.

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