Vapor Intrusion Solutions

Cooperstown Environmental: Leaders in Vapor Intrusion, SSDS, Vapor Barriers, & Telemetry

Nothing is more important than the safety of the air we breathe. Unfortunately, environmental contamination is a common fact in our industrialized society. Releases of oil and hazardous materials from spills, tank leaks, past industrial disposal practices, or accidents have resulted in conditions that potentially can affect the health of residents and workers. Whether you live or work near a current or former gasoline station, dry cleaner, Brownfield site, or even a residence heated by oil, these chemicals could impact the safety of your indoor environment.

Vapor intrusion (VI) occurs when vapors from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil or groundwater enter a building through cracks, holes, utilities, or other penetrations in the foundation. When contaminant vapors enter into occupied spaces, whether residences or workplaces, occupants can be subjected to increased risks from these harmful vapors.

Fortunately, a vapor intrusion mitigation system known as a sub slab depressurization system (SSDS or SSD system) is a proven, effective solution to ensure that occupied spaces remain safe for humans and pets.

VI systems are similar to radon systems, which are common across the US and indeed, around the world. The primary difference between radon and VI systems are that a VI system is more engineered to result in a higher level of protection and address chemicals rather than a naturally-occurring gas.

Cooperstown Environmental LLC is an acknowledged leader in the design, installation, and operation of a complete range of vapor intrusion solutions including SSDs, sub-slab ventilation systems, vapor barriers, and telemetry to protect against breathing contaminated vapors.

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