Vapor Intrusion Services

Cooperstown Environmental - A Leading Vapor Intrusion Expert

Cooperstown Environmental LLC, based in Andover, Massachusetts, is a leading expert in the analysis of site contamination and design, implementation, and operation of SSD systems. Our employees have significant, real-world experience; serve in leadership positions in the professional industry groups (including currently co-chairing the LSP Association's Technical Practices Committee); and consult with the MassDEP and other industry colleagues on the latest practices. Cooperstown's subject matter expert is Isaac Anderson, an acknowledged authority in the field who has provided numerous presentations to explain various aspects of the SSDS field. Click here to watch his presentation at the DEP Site Advisory Committee meeting in December 2015.

We have installed and consulted on many systems across Massachusetts and in New England over the past several years. Our clients include:

  • Property owners
  • Management companies
  • Developers
  • Construction companies
  • Attorneys
  • Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs) and consulting firms

Facing vapor intrusion issues? Call Cooperstown - and breathe easier!