Sub Slab Depressurization System (SSDS) Services

Telemetry - A Critical Component of a SSDS

Massachusetts sites that rely upon an SSDS to maintain No Significant Risk, must incorporate telemetry to attain a closure point. Telemetry units allow remote monitoring of the SSDS, and notify the property owner and DEP if the SSDS malfunctions. Notification of a problem signals the owner to restore the system to service, thereby providing the intended protection to building occupants.

The telemetry units themselves can be highly complex and the policies governing their operation are still evolving. Given the emerging state of the regulatory landscape and the technology itself, technical issues are common and often frustrating to diagnose.

Cooperstown Environmental has unsurpassed expertise in troubleshooting and resolving problems with telemetry systems. Multiple variables are involved when installing telemetry units:

  • Selecting a means of communication compatible with site conditions
  • Reporting device selection
  • Defining system operating parameters
  • Defining alarm conditions
  • Selecting sensors capable of measuring system performance
  • System assembly and installation
  • System programming
  • Device registration with MassDEP
  • Testing

Many consultants have found that because of the steep learning curve associated with remote telemetry units, it makes sense to outsource this portion of their work to Cooperstown. Please feel free to call us for assistance with your site. We can partner with you to resolve your clients’ problems.