Brownfields Tax Credits

Our Brownfields Tax Credit Expertise

Cooperstown Environmental is both a full-service, environmental consulting firm and a “turnkey” tax-credit consulting firm, dual competencies that complement and reinforce our work:

  • Our consulting practice focuses on Licensed Site Professional (LSP) Services, typically related to real estate development; and
  • We are the leading firm and acknowledged expert performing all aspects of the Brownfields Tax Credit consulting process. We believe our depth of understanding of the details and nuances of the complex Brownfields Tax Credit program is unmatched.

Our expertise in both the engineering side as well as the tax credit side sets us apart from all others – no other LSP firm has the depth of knowledge and experience in tax credits that we offer, while accountants, lawyers, or other tax credit practitioners cannot match our understanding of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) regulations or construction process. Drawing on our expertise in both realms, we identify opportunities where others may not.

Market Leader

Based on published data from MassDOR, our clients have received more than half of all approved credits since 2011. We believe that our firm has submitted more than half of all applications for Brownfields Tax Credits since 2006 – more than 200 applications and counting. We have been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in credits for our clients. These clients include real estate developers, Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, individuals, real estate trusts, colleges and universities, commercial property owners including residential developments, family-owned businesses, and others.

“Cooperstown Environmental and their principals and staff are among the finest professional engineers we have encountered. Their ability extends beyond evaluating existing conditions at a given property. They have continuously proven their capabilities to uncover financial resources, as well as to remedy contaminated Brownfields conditions. ”

- Lawrence H. Curtis, President & Managing Partner, WinnDevelopment