Brownfields Tax Credits

What Costs Qualify?

If you qualify for this program, you deserve to get your full refund. We will work with you to identify all of the costs that may be eligible for recovery. With our experience, we can ensure that no costs will be overlooked.

MassDOR has issued guidance about what costs qualify, but a significant gray area remains. In general, costs may qualify if incurred to assess, contain, remove, or otherwise respond to the contamination. These costs typically include Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services, engineering costs, contractor expenses related to the cleanup, laboratory analyses and testing, and others. Details matter, however and the nuances can make a significant financial difference.

The credit application and review process seems straightforward, but there are many opportunities to miss recovering money. Having been involved in the Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credit program since the very early days, and having worked on more than 200 applications, our experience is unmatched. We maintain ongoing communications with the state’s reviewers and are current on the latest rules and interpretations, so that we can ensure that your application is presented in the proper way.

We provide value by applying our experience and expertise to your project to maximize your chance of success and maximize the amount of the approved credit. Our experience becomes very valuable to clients who had not realized the full extent of their qualifying costs – in one case, we identified hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional costs. While that is not typical, it is our expectation that we can identify all areas of qualified spending so that the final application is optimized.

“Every­one claims that they are the expert in Brown­fields Tax Cred­its, but you really are.”

- Mark Santora, P.E.